Apple AirTag MTB Stem

Mountain Bike Parts Should Do More Than Just Look Pretty. Our Patented Stem Looks Out For Your Mountain Bike.

Why Our MTB Stem?

Apple AirTag Security

MTB anti theft devices don't have to be so obvious and clunky. Hide what you're packing and have a chance to recover your bike in the worst case scenario.

Type 3 Hard Anodized

Less UV Fading and More Durability. Proper prep ensures a quality finish.

Multiple Bar Sizes

Options for 31.8 and 35mm. We plan on offering a 44mm offset in the future. We felt 40mm was right on the money, the goldilocks zone for stem length.

Peace of Mind

What kind of price would you put on a little extra peace of mind? While not foolproof but still considered reliable, tracking your bike via an Apple AirTag makes leaving your bike on the rack while in the gas station on the way to your next adventure, that just feels nice to know.

Customer Reviews


“I tested it on the trail and it performed as good as anything out there. I really got it for the use of the Apple AirTag. To get a little extra peace of mind makes it totally worth it.”


“I received one of the first prototypes on my bike and it was perfect out of the box. The AirTag works in there just fine and it is a solid stem with zero issues. I wish it came out sooner.”